@Folkestone, Mannheim +RAUM DER ZEIT, Leipzig
April – November 2022

We are afraid.  
That’s why we’re doing something.  
Out of the state of shock.  
Hedaded where?  

The pandemic has dominated our lives for the last two years, the effects of climate change, isolation, wars and violent conflicts – these events challenge supposed certainties. Threats, insecurity, violence, uncertainty, change and stress can be triggers for fear. Fear is not only an individual emotion, but also a socio-political issue, an atmosphere (“climate of fear”), and is easily instrumentalised for (political) interests.

We want to get to the bottom of this complex feeling together artistically.  

To do this, we are working with people from very different everyday worlds, in the area of tension between rural and urban areas in (East) Germany, prison, village and city, as well as international artists*.  

We want to facilitate a fear-free exchange about fear, to give all participants in the project the opportunity to share their perspectives and realities of life. Understanding, learning from each other, listening…

We want to find a way to deal with fear so that it does not lead to violence.  

We are afraid. Together. 

The Project @RAUM DER ZEIT in November 2022 was funded by
Kulturamt Stadt Leipzig