“Last year we did an exhibition without a museum.
This year we are doing an exhibition without a village!”

From 25 June – 17 October 2021, FAIL was a guest at the Galerie für zeitgenössische Kunst (GfZK Leipzig). As part of the exhibition project APPOINTMENT X, the Thallwitz village square was moved to the Leipzig exhibition centre, including a replica of a market hut, the benches of the municipal administration and the Thallwitz emblem on loan from the mayor.

All artists involved in the ART PROJECT THALLWITZ 2020 were invited to contribute to the exhibition. In addition to older works, newly produced works were on display, as well as loans from the Thallwitz art group k9. Works of art from the JSA Regis-Breitingen were presented on an advertising pillar. As part of the art education, visitors were invited to share and collect their impressions in order to provide the prisoners with extended feedback on their works.

In this way, we made the institutional space accessible to all who had previously shared their spaces with us.

Photo: Christian Döller