Under the guidance of the creativity pedagogue Ms G., the artists of the Regis-Breitingen juvenile detention centre are given the (social) space to explore and express themselves with the help of art, to get in touch with themselves and the world in different ways through their participation in the developmental pedagogical treatment measure “Aesthetic Education and Training”.

FAIL accompanied the artistic process of the group with talks and workshops. The exchange about artistic practice and aesthetic questions was central. In jam sessions and DJ workshops, music was made together and linguistic boundaries were overcome.

After FAIL had exhibited works by the artists in the juvenile detention centre on the theme of UNENDLICH on the Thallwitz village square in 2020, works from the JSA moved to the Galerie für Zeitgenössische Kunst (GfZK) in Leipzig in 2021. They were presented as part of the APPOINTMENT X exhibition on an advertising pillar that is otherwise in the JSA studio and serves there as a notice board, communication medium and exhibition space.