August 2024, Thallwitz


We all know the feeling of losing our way. People can feel lost when they lose their direction in life, when they can’t find their way in an unfamiliar environment or with change. You can lose personal items such as keys and gloves, but also a game, love, trust and hope.


The art project “LOST 2o24 – a guide to being lost” provides a framework to explore these universal human experiences in a safe environment. At the same time, to celebrate the courage and hope that drives us forward. Trying, losing, finding hope, motivating, enduring and being held.

9.-12. August: Community Phase
15.-17. August: Open to everbody!

Meadow in front of the Waldbühne Thallwitz

Something new every day
free of charge

Alan Biehlig, Karl Brummer-Winter, Franca Franz, Bianca Gröger, Tim Holland, Kunstgruppe k9, Martin von Lossa, Mailand / Innenhof, Tomke Oltmanns, Maja Renn & Piotr Matkowski, Karoline Krawc & Hella Stoleccyc (kolektiw wakuum), Magdalena Schrefel, MOBILES MUSEUM der Staatlichen Kunstsammlungen Dresden, and many others.

LOST 2024 is an artistic project by FINE ARTS INSTITUTE LEIPZIG – FAIL and the outreach programme “Aktive Orte” of the Staatliche Kunstsammlungen Dresden, in cooperation with the municipality of Thallwitz and Europas Zukunft – Gesellschaft zeitgenössischer Kunst gUG.